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The culinary delight that is wild salmon: new podcast episodes

Wild salmon are crucial to our ecosystemand pretty tasty, too. Jenny puts on her foodie hat and with the help of folks at the David Suzuki Foundation, produce two audio shorts on the culinary magic of wild salmon. Aburi sushi, anyone?

About the episodes

For episode 1, Everything You Wanted to Know About Pacific Salmon, we head out onto the Fraser River with Sxaliah, a Katzie First Nation elder, to catch some salmon. We look at the five types of Pacific salmon, how to fish for salmon, and why seals make for stiff competition on the water.

For Episode 2, What an Omakase Chef Makes with Wild Salmon, one of Jenny’s epicurean dreams comes true. We push the culinary fold with wild salmon, as Chef Masayoshi Baba of the award-winning omakase restaurant Masayoshi walks us through recipes for salmon canapés. How about some wild sockeye salmon persimmon, for starters?

Why a focus on food?

Because it brings people together with a power unrivaled by almost anything else. A primary goal of the environmental movement has to be to unite everyone in their support of nature, and there is no better common denominator than food. Bread is the staff of life, wine is a drink of choice, and shared meals are the social glue of cultures all across the world. The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs. These audio shorts pave the way for environmental campaigns that take different angles to convey the importance of conservation and that will be effective with audiences outside of traditional environmental bases.